• Stem Cells Australia 2013 Annual Report
    17 April 2014
    Members of the Stem Cells Australia consortium continue to make a substantial contribution to stem cell science. Download our 2013 Annual Report to find out more about our scientific program, research findings, training and networking programs and educational activities.
  • Join ISSCR Connect to Hear About How Scientists are Using Stem Cells to Grow a Kidney in a Dish
    10 April 2014
    Stem cell researchers from around the world are now using stem cells to create new ways to understand diseases and test possible new drugs. Join the live public webcast – ISSCR Connect – on Wednesday 16 April 2014 at 7am (AEST) to hear University of Queensland’s Professor Melissa Little discuss how stem cells are being used to build mini-kidneys in the lab to provide a window into kidney disease. You can also listen on demand at a later date.
  • Learning more about future approaches to bone repair
    03 April 2014
    Technological advances are producing new insights into bone repair and remodelling. At a recent workshop, audience members heard how linking expertise in biology, chemistry and bioengineering is helping our understanding of bone systems in health and disease. The event was organised jointly by SBI Australia and Stem Cells Australia.
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