• Making blood on demand with stem cells: Monash research team receives Eureka Award
    27 August 2015
    At the ‘Oscars’ for Australian science, Melbourne and Sydney researchers were awarded this year's Eureka Prize for scientific research in recognition of their discovery that revealed a mechanism that triggers stem cell production in blood, making the production of blood cells in the laboratory more achievable.
  • Stem cell research: promise, progress and hype
    03 August 2015
    The melting pot of expectations, hope, responsibility, idealism and realism in the field of stem cell research were the subject of a panel discussion for media representatives at the recent International Society for Stem Cell Research Conference in Stockholm titled ‘Stem cell research: promise, progress and hype’.
  • Regulation of unproven stem cell therapies – medicinal product or medical procedure?
    30 July 2015
    This article is the second in a series of posts for EuroStemCell about unproven stem cell treatments by guest authors Casimir MacGregor, Alan Petersen and Megan Munsie. Their first post took a closer look at Germany's X-Cell Center and stem cell tourism. Here they consider the regulatory frameworks governing unproven stem cell treatments in Europe, the US and Australia.
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