• Nobel Prize winner Sir John Gurdon visits Monash
    31 October 2014
    Sir John Gurdon enthralled an audience of over 300 people with tales of his ground-breaking work in cloning and his ongoing fascination in genetics, cell reprogramming and the future of stem cell research. Sir John visited Monash University in October as part of the Australian Regenerative Medicine Insitute's external speaker program.
  • Researchers at VCCRI secure substantial funding for heart disease
    21 October 2014
    A team of scientists at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute have secured a major grant to support their vital research into heart disease over the next five years.
  • National Health and Medical Research Council grants announced
    17 October 2014
    Congratulations to all Australian medical researchers who were awarded funding by the NHMRC today – especially James Bourne, Susie Nilsson, Jose Polo, Lachlan Thompson, Clare Parish, Anja Knaupp, Ann Turnley, Jane Visvader and Enzo Porrello from the Stem Cells Australia network.
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