• Stem Cells Australia 2014 Annual Report now available
    21 April 2015
    Members of the Stem Cells Australia consortium continue to make a substantial contribution to stem cell science. Download our 2014 Annual Report to find out more about our scientific program, research findings, training and networking programs and educational activities.
  • Website brings stem cell science into focus
    21 April 2015
    Getting reliable information about stem cell research can be a challenge for anyone seeking a solution to troubling health problems, or even those simply interested in learning more about this exciting new area of medical research. To help patients, their families and the broader community better understand stem cell science and how to evaluate experimental treatments, The International Society for Stem Cell Research has expanded their ‘Closer Look at Stem Cells’ website.
  • Scientists Discover How To Trigger Heart Regeneration After Heart Attack
    07 April 2015
    Scientists have discovered a way to stimulate muscle cell growth in the heart, limiting the damage to this vital organ after a heart attack. It’s hoped the exciting research, which was conducted by Professor Eldad Tzahor from the Weizmann Institute of Science in collaboration with Professor Richard Harvey at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, could help the 55,000 Australians who suffer a heart attack each year.
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