• Warning about unproven stem cell treatments for COVID-19
    26 March 2020
    We join the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) and International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT) in raising concern about the marketing of unproven stem cell therapies to treat people infected with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
  • Stem Cells Australia to continue helping the community make sense of stem cell science
    31 January 2020
    Stem Cells Australia is shifting its focus. We will soon launch a new website designed to help patients stay up to date with the latest scientific developments and sort fact from fiction when it comes to the use of stem cells in medicine.
  • Human immune cells produced in a dish in world first
    09 January 2020
    A Melbourne research team, including members of Stem Cells Australia, has reproduced and visualised the earliest developmental steps in human immune cell production in the laboratory and are now set to advance our understanding of childhood diseases like leukemia and autoimmune conditions.
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  • Welcome to Stem Cells Australia Play
    01 May 2018
    Professor Melissa Little, Program Leader of Stem Cells Australia, highlights our scientific achievements explores future research directions.
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