This trial aims to evaluate stem cell transfusions from partially mismatched donors for patients with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).The clinical trial is being conducted at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney and proposes to enrol 12 patients with AML between November 2012 and January 2015. Participants will receive a nine-day induction chemotherapy treatment for AML. Concurrently the donor receives five days of G-CSF injections, starting on day four. On day 9, the stem cells will be harvested from the donor's peripheral blood via apheresis. The stem cells are divided into four aliquots, the first of which is injected into the patient on the same day. A bone marrow biopsy will be performed between four to five weeks after the stem cell infusion and if remission is confirmed, the patient will be commenced consolidation chemotherapy. If remission is not confirmed, the patient will receive another nine days of induction chemotherapy followed by an aliquot of stem cells and have a further bone marrow biopsy after four weeks. If the patient is seen to be in remission two further cycles of consolidation chemotherapy are given each followed by an aliquot of stem cells. Participants will be monitored for complications and assessed for changes in their clinical condition, including monitoring for evidence of graft versus host disease.