Stem cells from bone marrow are being investigated as a possible treatments for lymphoedema. Click on the link provided to find out more about the trial. It remains too early to know if the approach will be suitable. We need evidence collected in clinical trials to determine if a proposed stem cell treatment is both safe and effective.

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  • Autologous Adult Stem Cell Induced-Lymphangiogenesis in Peripheral Lymphedema Location: Iran
    Overview: This trial aims to investigate whether a patient’s own bone marrow stem cells can influence growth of new vessels in patients with Peripheral Lymphoedema. The study is being conducted at the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Teheran. They plan to recruit around five patients who will be treated with their own blood stem cells following treatment with Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor. The stem cells will be collected from the circulating blood and injected into the affected area. Participants will be assessed for the formation of new lymphatic vessels, and for complications. The study is expected to conclude in 2013.
    Link to Clinical Registry
    Trial Design: Therapeutic intervention
    Status: Not yet started
    Stem Cell: Adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells