This study seeks to compare heart function in two groups of 220 patients with Chronic Myocardial Ischaemic disease and refractory angina. The study is being conducted by Baxter Healthcare in Canada. One group of patients will be administered an injection of their own blood stem cells as well as conventional therapy (interventional group). The second group will only receive conventional therapy (control group). Participants will be given a drug (G-CSF) which releases blood stem cells (Haematopoietic CD 34+ stem cells) from the bone marrow into their circulation. Stem cells will be collected in a process called plasmapheresis. The control group will receive placebo injections. Changes in Cardiac Exercise Tolerance and angina will be measured in both the groups for a period of 12 months after the injections. The study commenced in April 2012 and is expected to be completed by June 2016.