Skin & tissue grafting

Stem cells from fat are being investigated as possible way to assist in healing following skin or tissue grafts. Click on the link provided to find out more about each trial. It remains too early to know which approach will be most suitable. We need evidence collected in clinical trials to determine if a proposed stem cell treatment is both safe and effective.

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  • Clinical Trial of Fat Grafts Supplemented With Adipose-derived Regenerative Cells Location: Brazil
    Overview: This trial is being conducted to investigate the possible role of the patient's fat stem cells in grafts for inherited facial deformities. The trial is being conducted by the University of São Paulo School of Medicine and proposed to recruit 30 patients with craniofacial microsomia (an inherited defect of facial development). Participants will be randomly divided into two groups. One group will receive adipose derived regenerator cells, that were collected by liposuction, as well as a graft of fat during surgery (experimental group). The other group will only receive the fat graft (control group). Participants will be monitored for complications and for changes in graft survival.
    Link to Clinical Registry
    Trial Design: Therapeutic intervention
    Status: Completed
    Stem Cell: Adult Fatty Tissue Stem Cells
  • The Role of Stem Cells in Hypertrophic Scar Improvement Location: Iran
    Overview: This trial is investigating the use of stem cells from the patient's own fat in treating scars from trauma, surgery or burns. The trial is being conducted by the Teheran University of Medical Sciences at their Hernat campus and proposes to recruite 60 patients with hypertrophic scars. Stem cells derived from liposuction will be injected into one half of the scar, and normal saline injected into the other half. Participants will be monitored for a year for complications following the procedure, and changes in clinical condition.
    Link to Clinical Registry
    Trial Design: Safety and Efficacy Study
    Status: Not yet started
    Stem Cell: Adult Fatty Tissue Stem Cells