Associate Professor Christine Wells

 - Chief Investigator

Dr Christine Wells uses systems-wide technologies to interrogate cellular differentiation and activation in the context of inflammatory disease. Wells has built innovative bioinformatic and cell biology approaches to understanding cellular phenotypes from large-scale genetic and transcriptome datasets. Dr Wells has developed significant international collaborations to drive cross-disciplinary research in stem cell biology, inflammation and neurological disease.

Expertise that Dr Wells brings to the Stem Cells Australia initiative includes: i)a sustained, senior role in international transcriptome consortia resulting in landmark and comprehensive atlases of gene expression in mouse and man (Science x2 2005; Nature Genetics 2006, Genome Research 2009), ii)innovative approaches in building genetic networks that describe cellular states and developmental transitions (Nature Genetics 2009, Bioinformatics 2010), iii) discovery approaches that have identified new molecules central to cellular function (J. Immunology 2008, 2010) , and iv) development of the Australian stem cell portal: a collaborative platform for sharing and interrogation of stem cell data.

Dr Wells’ role in Stem Cells Australia is to oversee the Stem Cell Portal, a stem cell database and collaborative portal integrating public and proprietary datasets, building appropriate stem cell ontologies, integrating statistically robust analytic tools and developing a web-portal that is biologydriven and intuitive to use. These efforts will enable insight from genomic datasets generated across the initiative.