Associate Professor Ron Firestein

 - Affiliate Investigator

Research focus: Use of patient derived and IPSC-derived organoids for modelling cancer and identifying new therapies using orthogonal drug and genetic/CRISPR screens

A/Prof Firestein is a Physician Scientist (MD/PhD), double board certified in Pathology (Anatomic and Molecular Genetics) specialising in Cancer Research, Oncology Translational Medicine, Oncology Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development.  The unifying goal of A/Prof Firestein’s research focuses on identifying new cancer targets and developing therapies for solid tumour malignancies. In this regard, A/Prof Firestein holds 10 patents in the field of cancer therapeutics and his work has been published in top scientific journals (including Nature, Cell, Cancer Cell, and J. Clinical Investigation).

A/Prof Firestein earned his B.A from the University of Pennsylvania in Biology and his M.D./Ph.D. from Stanford University as part of the prestigious Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) in 2002. He completed residency in Anatomic Pathology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and fellowships in Molecular Pathology at Harvard Medical School and at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, where he received the Thomas Gil award for excellence in research. From 2009-2015, A/Prof Firestein led research and translational teams at Genentech Inc., focusing on identifying new therapeutic targets and developing biomarkers for precision cancer therapies in the clinical trial setting.

In August 2015, he was recruited as the Head of the Centre for Cancer Research at Hudson Institute of Medical Research. A/Prof Firestein also holds academic appointments at Monash Health and Monash University.