Associate Professor Alicia Oshlack

 - Partner Investigator

Research focus: Bioinformatic analysis of gene expression, epigenetics, clinical sequencing and cancer genomics

Associate Professor Alicia Oshlack is the head of Bioinformatics at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Oshlack has been working in the field of Bioinformatics for nearly 15 years and she is best known for her body of work developing methods for the analysis transcriptome data. Oshlack has also built an extensive collaborative network with many national and international research groups uncovering molecular mechanisms of development and disease using a variety of genomic approaches. Oshlack is regarded as a worldwide expert in the field of RNA-seq analysis has has several projects utilising the analysis of single-cell transcriptomes. She also work in the areas of genome sequencing for diagnosis of rare disease and epigenetic analysis. Oshlack is a member of the editorial board of Genome Biology. She has received several awards including the Millennium Science award from the Lorne Genome conference, the Australian Academy of Science Ruth Gani medal for human genetics (2011) and the inaugural Georgina Sweet award for women in quantitative biomedical research (2016).