Dr Gerard Kaiko

 - Affiliate Investigator

Research focus: Lung and intestinal epithelial stem cells

Dr Kaiko is an NHMRC career development fellow and senior research associate at the University of Newcastle/HMRI. He received his PhD in 2011 in respiratory immunology and microbiology. He worked at the MRC National Institute of Medical Research, London before receiving a CJ Martin NHMRC Fellowship to move to the USA, where he worked for 5 years at Washington University in St Louis. Here Dr Kaiko specialised in epithelial biology in gastrointestinal (GIT) diseases. Dr Kaiko was part of the team that developed the GIT epithelial spheroid technology, which was then used to create North America’s largest GIT epithelial biobank. He recently returned to Australia and setup a group, which focuses on the role of the epithelium in mucosal inflammatory diseases in the GIT and lung and the use of epithelial stem cell technology in translational medicine.