Dr Jason Kovacic

 - Affiliate Investigator

Research focus: Investigating new and game-changing discoveries related to cardiovascular disease and to blockages of the heart arteries (coronary artery disease)

Dr Jason Kovacic graduated from The University of Melbourne Medical School in 1994, and then undertook residency and cardiology specialty training at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. Jason then completed a PhD at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, focused on the application of cell therapy to treat patients with refractory ischemic heart disease. In 2007 Jason relocated to the USA, where he is now Assistant Professor of Medicine, jointly appointed at Mount Sinai Hospital and the Cardiovascular Research Center of the Icahn School of Medicine in New York. As a practising cardiologist, he has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases.

He is also head of the Kovacic Lab, which focuses on cardiovascular cell biology. Current research programs within his lab include exploring the role of endothelial to mesenchymal transition in cardiovascular biology and disease, and resident cardiovascular progenitor cells and their function in cardiovascular biology and in various vascular disease states. Overall, the long-term goal is to make meaningful inroads into the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, with an emphasis on unravelling the core pathways that are involved in the vascular injury and repair-response pathways and leveraging these into developing new clinical therapies.