Professor Jose Polo

 - Chief Investigator

Research focus: Transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms that govern cell identity and cell fate, especially pluripotency and reprogramming of somatic cells into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and other mature cell types.

Professor Jose Polo encourages us to think of the human genome as a library. As an epigeneticist, expert in the way changes occur in our genes beyond the basic structure of DNA, Jose believes who we are is dependent on how the smallest, most fundamental pieces of our biology are able to open and close the great books of our genetic library.

The field of epigenetics is a complex one, rooted in the mechanisms and structures of gene expression deep within our body's cells. To the uninitiated this world can seem inaccessible, and so Jose has become accustomed to explaining just what his work entails, and how its real-world applications could shape the future of medical science.