Associate Professor Lachlan Thompson

 - Partner Investigator

Research focus: Repair of the damaged brain with stem cells - transplantation and neurogenesis in Parkinson's disease, stroke and motor neuron disease

Associate Professor Lachlan Thompson is a Senior Research Fellow at the Florey Neuroscience Institutes and jointly leads the Stem Cell team with Professor Clare Parish. The focus of the group is on the development of cell therapies for brain repair. The research program includes projects aimed at treating various neurological conditions, including: Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Motor Neuron Disease, Huntington’s disease and traumatic brain injury.

A key theme is the translation of the success we have seen in the stem cell field in the culture dish to safe and effective in vivo procedures that achieve functional reconstruction of complex brain circuitry. Associate Professor Thompson has published over 14 peer-reviewed studies on this topic in the last five years, including articles in Brain, the Journal of Neuroscience, Neurobiology of Disease and PNAS and currently receives research support as CI on two NHMRC grants.

Specific areas of technical expertise include: in vivo procedures in rodents (disease modeling, cell implantation, behavioural analysis), flow cytometry (incl. FACS), immunohistochemistry, embryonic tissue dissection.