Dr Robin Hobbs

 - Associate Investigator

Research focus: Molecular mechanisms underlying stem cell self-renewal and differentiation, using testis germline stem/progenitor cells

Dr Robin Hobbs heads the germline stem cell laboratory at Monash's Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) where he holds a joint appointment with the Department of Anatomy & Developmental Biology. He is a pioneering young researcher who has recently relocated to Australia from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center which is associated with the Harvard Medical School in Boston.

The main focus of Robin's research is to define the critical mechanisms underlying adult stem cell function through use of germline stem cells from the mouse testis as a model system. Maintenance of a wide array of adult tissues is dependent on a resident population of stem cells that must self-renew and generate differentiating daughter cells. The appropriate control of stem cell self-renewal and differentiation is critical for tissue homeostasis while disruption of the balance between these processes can contribute to tissue degeneration or cancer.