Professor Doug Hilton

 - Chief Investigator

Research focus: Genes and molecular pathways involved in development and function of blood cells

Professor Hilton is an expert in the field of molecular and cellular haematology, focusing on blood cell production and cytokine signal transduction. His significant contributions are attested by publications in the highest impact journals including Cell, Nature, Nature Immunology, EMBO Journal and PNAS, detailing his discovery and characterization of leukaemia inhibitory factor (LIF), cytokine receptors and the Suppressor of Cytokine Signalling (SOCS) proteins. These basic research outcomes have been and are still actively being commercialised through long-term collaboration with the private sector.

He is an inventor of 24 patents, of which 18 remain active and 15 have been licensed or assigned to companies for commercialisation. Professor Hilton’s research team has started extensive genome-wide screens in mouse for mutations that affect general haemopoiesis and platelet formation, through ENU-induced mutagenesis. In the Stem Cells Australia initiative, they aim to identify genes that lead to amelioration of disease when mutated, thus providing a genome-wide template for in vivo validated targets for therapeutic discovery. Professor Hilton will also be involved in Stemformatics.