Professor Jane Kaye

 - Associate Investigator

Research focus: Relationships between law, ethics and the emerging technologies in health

Professor Jane Kaye is the Director of the Centre for Law, Health and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) at the University of Oxford and a Wellcome Trust University Award holder. She obtained her degrees from the Australian National University (BA), University of Melbourne (LLB) and University of Oxford (DPhil). She was admitted to practice as a solicitor/barrister in 1997. In 2016, Professor Kaye took up a concurrent Professorship of Health Law at the Melbourne Law School at the University of Melbourne, where she has set up an additional research team - HeLEX@Melbourne. These interdisciplinary teams carry out research that focuses on the relationships between law, governance and best practice. They are leading on the development of the Dynamic Consent approach that uses digital technologies to enable better communication and engagement. The primary focus of Professor Kaye’s research is on Dynamic Consent, biobanks, genomics, privacy, data-sharing frameworks, global governance and translational research.