Professor Michael Monteiro

 - Affiliate Investigator

Research focus: Building designer polymers for various biomedical applications, including vaccines, drug delivery and stem cells.

Professor Michael Monteiro (ARC Future Fellow) gained international recognition in the field of nanostructured materials. His research contributions to the synthesis, characterization and molecular engineering of polymer nanoparticles are wide-ranging and of high impact. His publications are evidence of his standing in the international community. 

His annual citations are increasing rapidly, from 75 citations (in 2001) to 600 citations (in 2009). This is evidence of the strong upwards trajectory of his research. Professor Monteiro has made seminal contributions to our understanding of the fundamental mechanisms involved in ‘living’ radical polymerizations, the utilization of ‘living’ radical polymerization in emulsion systems (which represents the only real way to commercialize such a technology) and new methods to create high order and complex architectures using polymeric building blocks. 

Professor Monteiro is dedicated to translating his research into commercial outcomes, with 7 PCT and provisional patents since 2005 and a start-up company DendriMed Pty Ltd. He has extensive industrial experience in membrane technology and purification of proteins, working as a Principal Scientist at Gradipore Pty Ltd for two years (2002 & 2003). Professor Monteiro will contribute his expertise in the synthesis of novel nanoparticles to the work being carried out in the Stem Cells Australia initiative.