Professor Richard Harvey

 - Chief Investigator

Research focus: Cellular, molecular, genetic and epigenetic aspects of the function and regeneration of the mammalian heart, including cardiac stem cells and stromal cells in the adult heart and how they might be targeted therapeutically for heart regeneration. 

Professor Richard Harvey’s research focuses on the genetic basis of heart development and congenital heart disease, on the biology and origin of adult cardiac stem cells, and cardiac regeneration. He received his PhD in 1982 from the University of Adelaide, training in molecular biology. He undertook postdoctoral studies in embryology at Harvard University, then moved to the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne, establishing an independent group. In 1998, he relocated to the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, where he is currently Co-Deputy Director and Head of the Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Division. He holds the endowed Sir Peter Finley Professorship of Heart Research at UNSW and an NHMRC Australia Fellowship. He is a member of EMBO and the Australian Academy of Science. 

Progressively, his work has shifted towards a more systems level understanding and the challenges of network biology of stem cells and development will occupy much of his attention in the coming years and be the focus of his contribution to the Stem Cells Australia initiative.