MBC Flow Cytometry Facility

Based at the Melbourne Brain Centre - in the heart of Parkville’s biological sciences precinct - Stem Cells Australia provides a purpose-built Cytometry Facility equipped with the latest high-end flow cytometric machinery for our members and other interested researchers. 
Becton Dickinson FACS Aria III equipped with 5 lasers can sort based on 12 parameters

Location: Room 2.56, 2nd Floor, Melbourne Brain Centre (Kenneth Myer Building), University of Melbourne, Royal Parade, Parkville. Opposite the Royal Melbourne Hospital

Equipment: The MBC Flow Cytometry Facility has a technician-operated 5-laser Becton Dickinson FACSAria III sorter and a DIY 3-laser Beckman Coulter CyAn ADP analyser. Pharmacology and Therapeutic Department on campus has a Becton Dickinson Fortessa analyser that is available for bookings (Room N810). Also available are an epMotion liquid handling robot and a ViiA7 QRT PCR machine.

Data analysis: MBC flow cytometry facility provides a workstation in the Level 2 office area for data analysis using FCS Express.  

Bookings are essential: Users can request access and book the FACS Aria III, Fortessa and CyAn via the ARIN booking system. To book the HyperCyt, ViiA7 QRT-PCR machine and Epmotion please create an account.

Acknowledging MBC Flow Cytometry Facility:
Please acknowledge all Core Facilities and Core staff that assist your research in your publications. This may appear with the 'Acknowledgements' section of your paper or where appropriate Core staff member/s should be listed as authors. Appropriate acknowledgement of all core facilities used in research provides justification for ongoing funding and support of your research.  Please list Dr Vanta Jameson and/or Mr Joshua Kie and Melbourne Brain Centre Flow Cytometry Facility at The University of Melbourne as appropriate.

More info: Important information about costs and conditions of use is available here. Find links for fluorochrome spectra, viability dyes, flow cytometric tips and procedures here.

Contact: For more information, contact Dr Vanta Jameson or Josh Kie via mbc-flowlab@unimelb.edu.au 
or on 9035 8536 and 0401 994 897 during business hours.