Sorter FACS ARIA III Specifications

Becton Dickinson FACS Aria III is equipped with 4 lasers that can sort based on 15 parameters (13 colours + forward and side scatter). 


Sample tube compatibility

Polystyrene or polypropylene

[5ml FACS tubes/microtubes/15ml Falcon tubes]

Heating/ cooling collection tubes


Heating/ cooling sample tubes


Nozzle size/ pressure

70um @


100um @

20psi OR 17psi

Sorting options

2-way FACS tubes or

15ml Falcon tubes

4-way FACS tubes or

1.5ml microtubes

Tissue culture plate deposition (inc. single cell)

6, 24, 48, 96 and 384-well plates, slides

Laser/ Filter combination 


Violet (405nm):  450/40 or 20

DAPI,  BV421, Pacific Blue, V450, AF405, Cascade Blue, Dyecycle violet

Violet (405nm): 510/50

BD V500, AmCyan, BV510, Live/dead aqua, CFP

Violet (405nm): 610/20


Violet (405nm): 710/50


Blue (488nm): 530/30

FITC, Alexa Fluor 488, GFP, CFSE, YFP, kikume, SNARF (pH6), Dyecycle green

Blue (488nm): 695/40

7AAD, PI, PerCP-Cy5.5, PerCP

Y/G (561nm): 582/15

PE, mOrange, AF568, dTomato, TAMRA

Y/G (561nm): 610/20

PE-Texas Red, PE-AF610, RFP, DsRed, mCherry, AF594, Texas Red

Y/G (561nm): 670/14

PE-Cy5, SNARF (pH9)

Y/G (561nm): 780/60

PE-Cy7, PE-AF750, PE-vio770

Red (633nm): 660/20

APC, AF633, AF647, APC-Cy5, Sytox Red dead

Red (633nm): 730/45


Red (633nm): 780/60

APC-Cy7, APC-AF750, APC-H7

Additional filter sets: 585/15; 610/20 + 595LP mirror; 670LP; 675/20 + 610LP mirror; 710/50 + 690LP