Alison Farley

Post-graduate researcher
Alison works with Prof Pera on the Australian/Indian research project

Alison completed her Bachelor of Science at La Trobe University before working as a technician at the Walter and Eliza Hall institute in the laboratory of Prof. Doug Hilton.  After 4 years she moved to Edinburgh, where she worked as a Research Assistant for Prof. Clare Blackburn at the Institute of Stem Cell Research (now the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine).  In 2002 Alison commenced a part time PhD with Prof. Blackburn characterizing human fetal thymic epithelial development.  She also worked on defining conditions to allow propagation of human and mouse Thymic Epithelial progenitor cells in vitro and determining the bipotent or unipotent potential of the early thymic epithelial progenitor cells.  

After completing her PhD she commenced a Post-doc position with Prof. Blackburn.  During her time in Edinburgh she was involved in EuroSTEM Cells, a European funded consortium of around 90 European stem cell research groups.

Alison returned to Melbourne in 2012 and is working for Prof. Pera on the Australian/Indian joint funded project.