Anna Michalska

Stem Cell Core Facility Manager
Dr Anna Michalska  

Dr Anna Michalska is the Manager of the Stem Cell Core Facility at Stem Cells Australia. She is a scientist with expertise and experimental skills in stem cell research and embryo manipulation, with extensive experience in cell culture laboratory management and collaboration with biotechnology companies.

During her academic career she developed and implemented new technologies such as production and characterisation transgenic pigs at the University of Adelaide; established the technique of gene targeting by homologous recombination in mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute; and implemented a tetraploid-based technology to produce completely ES cell-derived mice at the Monash University.

In 2004 Dr Michalska joined Professor Martin Pera at the Monash University to pursue her interests into maintenance, characterization and differentiation of human ES cells.  She coordinated the Australian contribution to the International Stem Cell Initiative where she was involved in the characterisation of human ES cell lines.

Since 2007 she worked at the Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories where the main focus of her research was to continue the optimization of the culture conditions to maintain human ES cells in pluripotent state, to develop a novel protocols for the differentiation of human ES cells as a unique in vitro models of genetic diseases and to investigate safe methods of generating human induced pluripotent stem cells for therapeutic applications.