Jennifer Kendall

Recipient of scholarship

Jennifer has many years of experience in high level administration and management in both the corporate sector and the health sector. Accepting a position at Arthur Anderson Chartered Accountants in the Audit Division upon graduating she then went on to spend 10 years in Corporate Marketing and Advertising Agencies both in Melbourne and in Perth as an Account Executive managing the advertising and marketing needs of several Australian based international companies. 

After fulfilling roles as an Executive Assistant to the Head of Medicine, RMH and subsequently the Pro-Vice Chancellors (Research Collaboration and Research Partnerships) in the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Research at The University of Melbourne she is delighted to be involved in the Stem Cells Australia consortium as an Executive Assistant to Professor Martin Pera, Program Leader, SCA and Chair of Stem Cell Sciences, The University of Melbourne, FNI and WEHI.

Inspired to be working closely with such talented and dedicated scientists, she is both excited and hopeful about the future of stem cell therapies and the ground breaking role they will play in regenerative medicine especially in the field of Paediatrics.

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