Jane Brophy

Education, Ethics, Law & Community Awareness Professor Alan Petersen and Associate Professor Megan Munsie
PhD student at Monash University
Recipient of Monash Science in Society scholarship
Jane is a second year PhD student in the Sociology department at Monash University. She is working with the ARC-funded Monash Stem Cell Tourism Research Project.

Jane's research is focussing on the market for stem cell treatments in China, as it has emerged as a popular destination for Australians choosing to travel overseas for stem cell treatments not available in Australia. With fieldwork planned in China in 2014, Jane seeks to capture the experiences of not just patients, but those involved in the provision of treatments, and other stakeholders in China.

Jane has a Master of Arts in Asian Studies from Melbourne University, with experience researching health-related issues in China. Her current research is combining her interest in the human side of medicine and emerging biotechnologies with her background in China studies.

Jane is jointly supervised by Professor Alan Petersen in the Sociology department at Monash University, and Associate Professor Megan Munsie from Stem Cells Australia. She is supported by the Science in Society scholarship at Monash University.
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