Serena Viventi

Pluripotency and Reprogramming A/Prof Mirella Dottori
PhD student at University of Melbourne
Recipient of Melbourne International Research Scholarship and Melbourne International Fee Remission scholarship

Serena is a PhD student at University of Melbourne.

Sensory peripheral neuropathy is a common neurological disorder associated with a vast range of conditions or diseases. In many cases, there is no treatment available. In recent years, the potential use of human pluripotent stem cells has attracted much interest for developing regenerative therapies. Having an in vitro source of human sensory neurons is paramount for studying their development, regenerative capacity as well as neuropathies, within the human system. Serena’s PhD project will focus on the current need to derive and functionally characterize sensory neuronal subpopulations from human pluripotent stem cells. These studies will have implications in the clinical approaches taken for treating neuropathies.