Simran Kaur

Discovering new disease genes in various neurological disorders Professor John Christodoulou
PhD student at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Recipient of scholarship
Simran Kaur completed her undergraduate studies in Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology from Panjab University, India (2007). After working as a research analyst with BioXcel Corporation (2007-2009), she completed her two Master’s degrees (M. App.Sc in Molecular Biotechnology and M.Phil in Medicine) from University of Sydney (2009-2011). Simran first became interested in rare disease research when she investigated mitochondrial abnormalities in Rett syndrome mouse model as a part of her M.Phil study in Prof John Christodoulou’s lab in Sydney.

While working as a research assistant (2012-2015) with Prof Kathyrn North and Dr. Nigel Clarke at The Institute of Neuroscience and Muscle research, Children’s Hospital Westmead, she was involved in number of research and diagnostic projects as a part of Congenital myopathy and gene discovery group. The focus of team was to discover novel disease genes using traditional as well as next generation sequencing methods

Prior to relocating to Melbourne, Simran was based at Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland (2015-2016), which further equipped her with the techniques to understand neuronal communication.
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