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Welcome to the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Brain Centre flow cytometry facility.  In the heart of Parkville’s biological sciences precinct, our facility provides all researchers with the latest in high-end flow cytometric technology, training and support, so that you can get the most out of your research.  Contact us for assistance with all of your flow cytometric needs!

Data analysis: The Melbourne Cytometry Platform offers a FlowJo 10 site licence for University staff. Please contact Dr Alexis Gonzalez for pricing and other enquiries.

Acknowledging the MBC Flow Cytometry Facility: Please acknowledge all Core Facilities and Core staff that assist your research in your publications. This may appear with the 'Acknowledgements' section of your paper or where appropriate Core staff member/s should be listed as authors. Appropriate acknowledgement of all core facilities used in research provides justification for ongoing funding and support of your research.  Please list Dr Vanta Jameson and/or Mr Joshua Kie and Melbourne Brain Centre Flow Cytometry Facility at The University of Melbourne as appropriate.

Contact us:

Facility email: Lab phone: 0401 994 897

Facility manager:  Dr Vanta Jameson at Office: (03) 90358536

Research officer:  Mr Josh Kie via

Cytometry platform manager: Dr Alexis Gonzalez  via