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  • New grants for Macular Degeneration research
    16 October 2017
    Professor Erica Fletcher and Associate Professor Alice Pébay were each awarded a Macular Disease Foundation Australia 2017 Research Grant. The University of Melbourne researchers were awarded $480,000 over 2 years for their research projects.
  • University of Queensland honours its outstanding alumni
    12 October 2017
    Professor Melissa Little was awarded a 2017 Vice-Chancellor’s Alumni Excellence Award from University of Queensland, to recognise her research in renal stem cell biology, including the breakthrough of growing ‘mini kidneys’ in a laboratory.
  • Professor Little awarded NHMRC Research Fellowship
    11 October 2017
    Professor Melissa Little, Program Leader of Stem Cells Australia, Theme Director of Cell Biology and head of the Kidney Research laboratory at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, was awarded a prestigious NHMRC Research Fellowship for her work in the molecular basis of kidney development.


  • 6th ANCVDB & SCA Meeting: Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration
    02 November 2017
    This joint meeting of the Australian Network of Cardiac and Vascular Developmental Biologists and Stem Cells Australia will bring together top cardiac and vascular scientists in Australia working in the developmental and regenerative biology space covering multiple disciplines from tissue engineering, stem cell biology and differentiation, in vivo development, cell therapeutics, organ regeneration, disease modelling, and genomics.