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  • Scientists Discover How To Trigger Heart Regeneration After Heart Attack
    07 April 2015
    Scientists have discovered a way to stimulate muscle cell growth in the heart, limiting the damage to this vital organ after a heart attack. It’s hoped the exciting research, which was conducted by Professor Eldad Tzahor from the Weizmann Institute of Science in collaboration with Professor Richard Harvey at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, could help the 55,000 Australians who suffer a heart attack each year.
  • Nadia Rosenthal to take up new US position
    25 March 2015
    World-renowned researcher Professor Nadia Rosenthal, founding Director of the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash University and joint leader of Stem Cells Australia’s Cardiac Regeneration and Repair research program, has accepted a newly created position as Scientific Director of The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) in Maine.
  • Cancer-linked protein helps control fate of intestinal stem cells
    18 March 2015
    Researchers from Monash University and The University of Melbourne, together with international colleagues, have shown that a regulatory protein involved in controlling how cancer spreads through the body also influences the fate of stem cells in the intestine of mice.
  • Work experience student contributes to studies in stem cell science
    16 March 2015
    Enterprising Year 12 student, Jeremy Katanas, from Buckley Park College in Essendon spent three weeks in The University of Melbourne laboratories of Stem Cells Australia over the summer holidays.
  • ARC Mid-Term Review Approves Continued Funding for Stem Cells Australia
    06 March 2015
    Stem Cells Australia’s progress has been praised by external assessors who conducted a mid-term review of the Initiative for the Australian Research Council. Following this favourable review, ARC has advised that Stem Cells Australia will continued to be funded through to 2018.
  • Call for urgent action to curb sale of unproven stem cell treatments in Australia
    03 March 2015
    A growing number of clinics are offering unproven, costly, and potentially hazardous stem cell therapies in Australia. Stem Cells Australia has called for more stringent oversight to protect patients against risks, and to bring Australian regulations into alignment with other jurisdictions and the recommendations of leading international learned scientific and research organisations.
  • Unraveling the biological mystery of how cells regulate their fate
    13 February 2015
    Stem Cells Australia researchers – Professor Christine Wells and Professor Ernst Wolvetang – are part of an international consortium that has been able to shed light on how mammalian cells transition from one type to another during development and in response to stress or infection. In the work, published today in the prestigious journal Science, researchers were able to show the importance of a key regulatory “switch” involved in triggering a cascade of genetic changes that ultimately result in dramatic change in the attributes of the cell.
  • Alan Trounson to receive Award for Public Service
    03 February 2015
    In recognition of this outstanding role as spokesperson for stem cell science and regenerative medicine, Monash University’s Professor Alan Trounson will receive the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) 2015 Award for Public Service.
  • US trial of HSCT for MS publishes interim results
    12 January 2015
    Researchers in the US have published a 3-year interim report on the HALT-MS trial of autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplant for MS. While the interim results show that the majority of the 24 patients treated achieved remission from MS disease activity for up to three years, data so far also suggests that the treatment’s effects may not be sustained over time.
  • Bridging the gap between stem cell science and cell therapy
    17 December 2014
    Scientists involved in basic stem cell research rarely get the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with colleagues involved in the development and delivery of cellular therapies. For the first time in the Australian stem cell field, the Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research, the Australian New Zealand region of the International Society for Cellular Therapy and Stem Cells Australia held a joint conference, bringing together scientists from basic and clinical research, engineering and industry.
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