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  • Boost to Australian MS Research
    17 December 2015
    Research to understand how brain stem cells restore nerve cell function in people with multiple sclerosis (MS) has been given a major funding boost. Dr Tobias Merson, head of the Myelin Plasticity Laboratory at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health has been awarded a prestigious Future Fellowship by the Australian Research Council (ARC) to support his research into the development and repair of myelin which is lost in patients with MS.
  • Stem Cells in the Hunter Valley
    20 November 2015
    In early November, distinguished scientists, clinician researchers and industry professionals from all over Australia gathered in the Hunter Valley to exchange scientific ideas and foster collaboration.
  • Top brain researcher awarded CSL Florey Medal
    12 November 2015
    World-renowned University of Queensland neuroscientist, Professor Perry Bartlett, has received one of Australia’s most prestigious lifetime achievement awards for his research and leadership including the discovery that the adult brain could change and that its neurons could regenerate.
  • Melbourne To Host Major International Stem Cell Meeting
    10 November 2015
    The International Society for Stem Cell Research has announced that their 2018 Annual Meeting will be held in Melbourne and is expected to draw approximately 3,000 stem cell researchers and professionals from around the globe.
  • Melissa Little inducted into Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences
    23 October 2015
    Professor Melissa Little from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute was inducted into the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences during its inaugural Scientific Meeting held at the Australian National University in early October.
  • Frontiers of single cell genomics medicine at Monash Health Translation Precinct
    14 October 2015
    Internationally-renowned biotechnology company Fluidigm have named the Monash Health Translation Precinct’s Single Cell Genomics Centre Australia’s first Single Cell Centre of Excellence, making it the first centre of its kind in the southern hemisphere.
  • Student Elizabeth Mason awarded Donald Tugby Prize in Nanotechnology
    13 October 2015
    In recognition of her contribution to the field, The University of Queensland PhD student Elizabeth Mason has been awarded the 2014 Donald Tugby Prize in Nanotechnology.
  • Mini-kidneys successfully grown from stem cells
    08 October 2015
    Professor Melissa Little and her colleagues from Murdoch Childrens Research Institute have perfected a method of turning stem cells into mini-kidneys for use in drug screening, disease modelling and cell therapy.
  • PUBLIC FORUM - Selling stem cells: the need to reconcile hype, hope & evidence
    29 September 2015
    Were you unable to attend our recent public forum exploring the complex role hope, hype, risk and evidence play in patient’s choice and the business of selling stem cells? Download recording here to learn more.
  • Realising high hopes for the new wave of medicine
    21 September 2015
    Regenerative medicine represents a new paradigm in healthcare, but with mini kidneys being grown in labs and titanium body parts being created with 3D printers, how close are we really to accessing ‘made to order’ body parts or combatting cancers in a significant way in Australia?
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