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  • Teaching the teachers
    30 November 2017
    Stem Cells Australia and Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) hosted a Teacher professional learning day to support them in teaching reproductive technologies and the surrounding ethical and legal considerations to their VCE students.
  • Epilepsy expert on 'The Project' for rare genetic disorder
    27 November 2017
    Professor Steve Petrou was recently invited to present on The Project, a national television show, to offer his expertise on a rare genetic disorder caused by a mutation in the SYNGAP1 gene.
  • The dynamics and destiny of corneal epithelial stem cells
    22 November 2017
    In a study led by Nick Di Girolamo, the dynamics and destiny of epithelial stem cells was observed in real-time in live animals using minimally invasive microscopy platforms, significantly improving our understanding of corneal development in humans.
  • Scientists recognised for leadership in stem cell research
    14 November 2017
    Associate Professor Jessica Mar of the University of Queensland and Professor Mark Dawson of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre have both received $50,000 Metcalf Prizes from the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia in recognition of their leadership in stem cell research.
  • Top cardiac and vascular scientists come together
    13 November 2017
    The Australian Network of Cardiac and Vascular Developmental Biologists seeks to advance the disciplines of developmental and regeneration biology of the cardiac and vascular systems through leadership, good communication and education.
  • Early Career Researcher awarded ARC award
    10 November 2017
    Senior research officer, Dr Lincon Stamp, was awarded an Australian Research Council ‘Discovery Early Career Researcher Award’ (DECRA) for his work in understanding interactions between gut epithelial stem cells and neurons.
  • Australia joins world-first Human Cell Atlas effort
    09 November 2017
    Scientists from 14 of Australia’s biomedical centres have joined forces as part of a coordinated national approach to the Human Cell Atlas, an ambitious global initiative to create an ‘instruction manual for life itself.’
  • Positioning Australian stem cell research for the future
    08 November 2017
    Stem Cells Australia will receive additional funding from the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council to keep Australian science at the forefront of stem cell medicine internationally.
  • Neural Conference: on nervous system development and repair
    06 November 2017
    The International Symposium on Neural Transplantation and Repair is held every 2-3 years to bring together an international community of basic scientists and clinicians sharing a common interest in central nervous system development and repair.
  • Hope, hype and reality behind stem cell treatments
    03 November 2017
    A/Prof Megan Munsie presented the MOVE 2017 Public Lecture, on the hope, hype and reality behind stem cells treatments for muscle, bone and joint health.
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