Advanced workshop in stem cells and neuroscience research

03 November 2014
Getting into the lab during the Melbourne StemCore workshop

As a part of The University of Melbourne Advanced Research Workshops in Neuroscience, scientists from Stem Cells Australia’s Pluripotency and Cell Reprogramming program and our Stem Cell Core facility ran a week long workshop for scientific colleagues wanting to know more about how to grow and use stem cells in their research.

The aim of this workshop was to familiarise participants with the application of human pluripotent stem cells to problems in neuroscience, including the study of brain development, functional genomics and disease modeling.  Both embryonic stem cells and the more recently discovered induced pluripotent stem cells were featured in the workshop. 

Over five days of lectures and practical classes, eight PhD students from the Florey, University of Melbourne, Monash University and Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research had the opportunity to develop skills in pluripotent stem cell science directly related to their research project. Students also discussed the important regulatory, ethical and societal impact of pluripotent stem cell research during the workshop.

The workshop was very well received, particularly in relation to the opportunity to get into the lab with one student commenting, “Its difficult to set up a prac class for stem cell culture - as the cells are difficult to grow up in bulk - as such the prac classes were excellent. We all had cells to play with so we got an excellent overview of the techniques required.”

Please contact Dr Anna Michalska at our Melbourne StemCore Facility if you are interested in finding out more about training opportunities in stem cell science at The University of Melbourne.