At the Frontier of Tomorrow’s Medicine: Mapping the heart’s genetic landscape to explore how to make it more regenerative.

08 March 2019
Meet Australian researchers who use stem cells to advance our understanding of how the body develops and what happens during disease.

Dr Mirana Ramialison is the head of the Developmental Systems Biology laboratory, at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute. Her research focuses on using bioinformatics to decipher the origin of congenital heart disease, which is crucial for its early diagnosis, and for the care of patients suffering from it. 

Mirana and her team are a mixture of biologists and software engineers. They are trying to understand what makes one type of stem cells that type of stem cells, as well as investigate how to manipulate a cardiac cells epigenetic landscape to make it more regenerative and increase the heart’s ability repair itself. 

To do this, the team have developed ‘3D Cardiomics’, a program which maps the genetic information of every region of the adult heart. This allows them to see which genes are expressed in which region of the heart.

Mirana and her team’s research is at the frontier of tomorrow’s medicine. Listen to Mirana and Dr Ekaterina Salimova’s stories as they share an insight into their research, what interested them to start a research career and their advice to young students who are interested in science and want to get a foot in the door. 

Australian stem cell researchers are making important discoveries in the lab, that will move research outcomes towards clinical applications. Watch their videos.