At the frontier of medicine: Hope vs Hype and the promise of stem cells

18 November 2019
Meet Australian researchers who use stem cells to advance our understanding of how the body develops and what happens during disease.

Professor Megan Munsie is the Head of the Engagement, Ethics and Policy Program at Stem Cells Australia and the Deputy Director of the University of Melbourne’ Centre for Stem Cell Systems, and is interested in the implications of stem cell science both in the lab and in the community.

Her lab at the University of Melbourne focuses on how people view and understand stem cell science as well as to inform national and international policy responses to key issues.

A common misconception is that stem cells, and cellular therapies, have the ability to heal any and all diseases and conditions of the body. This idea is exploited by clinics around Australia and the world, which sell unproven stem cell therapies to patients. 

Read more about their research in Stem Cells Australia: Tomorrow’s medicine starts today

Professor Megan Munsie and her collaborative team are using rigorous empirical research to understand why patients are turning to unproven and risky stem cell therapies and how researchers can provide better information and support. 

Listen to Professor Megan Munsie and her honours student Saed Fahd share an insight into their research and how they work with general practitioners and patient support groups to develop resources about the promise and realities of stem cell research.  

Australian stem cell researchers are making important discoveries in the lab, that will move research outcomes towards clinical applications. Watch their videos.