Australian research advanced by NHMRC funding

07 December 2017
Congratulations to all recipients of the 2017 NHMRC Project Grants
From tracking immune cell development in bone marrow to investigating how myelin can be restored in the brain and spinal cord; these are some of the goals of Australian researchers who were awarded significant funding in the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC) funding.

Over $10 million was awarded to members of Stem Cell Australia to support their research over the next 2-3 years.

Among the recipients was Early Career Researcher, Dr Christian Nefzger who is a post-doctoral researcher in the Polo Lab at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) at Monash University. Dr Nefzger and his team will be investigating news ways to generate intestinal stem cells from skin and other cell sources, using a revolutionary new predictive algorithm. Traditional methods of establishing ‘mini gut’ cultures requires a biopsy, which is an invasive procedure. Dr Nefzger and his team are interested in ultimately using this intestinal tissue to explore drug screening and cell based regenerative medicine. 

Dr Nefzger recently co-led a paper in Nature Methods

Other successful colleagues include:
Research Lead Institute Field of Research 
Professor Ernst Wolvetang University of Queensland Biochemistry and cell biology
Professor Ed Stanley Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Biochemistry and cell biology
Dr Tobias Merson Monash University Neurosciences
Professor Peter Currie
Monash University Health Science
Dr Shalin Naik
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Professor Jane Visvader Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Dr Joseph Powell
University of Queensland
A/Professor Alicia Oshlack
Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Professor Alistair Forrest University of Western Australia
Oncology; Genetics

Congratulations to all recipients of the 2017 NHMRC Project Grants.

Professor Ernst Wolvetang, Professor Ed Stanley and Dr Tobias Merson are Chief, Partner and Associate Investigators (respectively) with Stem Cells Australia. Dr Shalin Naik, Professor Jane Visvader and Professor Peter Currie are Affiliate Investigators with Stem Cells Australia. 

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is Australia’s leading expert body promoting the development and maintenance of public and individual health standards.

Biochemistry and cell biology
Biochemistry and cell biology