Breast cancer pioneers win Victoria Prize

27 October 2017
Congratulations Professors Jane Visvader and Geoff Lindeman
Breast cancer researchers Professors Jane Visvader and Geoff Lindeman, who jointly lead the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute’s ACRF Stem Cells and Cancer division, have been awarded the 2017 Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation in the Life Sciences.  

The $50,000 prize celebrates the researchers’ two-decade commitment to cancer research, involving landmark discoveries in how breast cancers arise and could be prevented and treated.

“Geoff and Jane, along with their teams, have made crucial discoveries describing both healthy breast development and how errors within this process can lead to cancer,” said Institute Director Professor Hilton. “Most recently, their efforts were instrumental in discovering that a new class of anti-cancer drugs, when combined with existing drugs, could potentially supercharge treatment for some of the most aggressive types of breast cancer".

"We are humbled to receive this award, which highlights the importance of long-term investment in basic and translational research to improve the lives of people affected by cancer,” Professor Lindeman said. 

Congratulations Jane and Geoff.

Professors Jane Visvader is an Affiliate Investigator at Stem Cells Australia.

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