Congratulations, Robert Nordon!

06 May 2016
Dr Robert Nordon is part of the team at UNSW Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering UNSW Biomedical engineer, Dr Robert Nordon has been awarded two ARC Linkage grants as the lead investigator.

The projects cover the following areas of research:

Project 1

Partnering with Romar Engineering Pty Ltd, this research will develop microdevices for painless collection of blood, its analysis, and drug delivery. Cost-effective manufacture of these microdevices is expected to tap into the large medical devices industry, leading to establishing new businesses in the point-of-care and drug delivery markets.

Project 2

Partnering with Calimmune Australia Pty Ltd, this project aims to scale microfluidic devices for cell manufacture. This is expected to make cell therapies cheap enough to become standard treatment, which would benefit patients with diseases that are incurable by conventional therapies (surgery and drug treatments). It should also benefit the Australian advanced manufacturing sector, particularly biopharmaceutical and cell therapy industries.

Nearly half a million dollars in grants. Congratulations, Robert and team!