Eye Researcher Awarded Top Australian Research Fellowship

13 July 2016
A/Prof Alex Hewitt was the top-ranked NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship applicant
Associate Professor Alex Hewitt from the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) and The University of Melbourne received top honour from the National Health and Medical Research Council.

A/Prof Alex Hewitt received a Research Excellence Award as the top ranked NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship applicant for his work on patient-specific stem cell lines and emerging gene-editing techniques. A/Prof Hewitt’s research aims to understand the precise molecular mechanisms leading to blinding disease and develop novel therapies for these diseases.

“The overarching goal is to ensure that through targeted, evidence-based intervention, the next generation of people genetically predisposed to blinding ocular diseases have a dramatically different natural history to their forebears,” said A/Prof Hewitt.

NHMRC Practitioner Fellowships are designed to support research that results in the translation of evidence into improved clinical practice and health policy, delivering improvements in health and healthcare to Australians.