Leading cardiologist and researcher awarded the Alan Skyring Memorial Award

05 June 2019
Congratulations A/Prof James Chong, on your well-deserved award.
Associate Professor James Chong from Westmead Institute and the University of Sydney was today awarded the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) Alan Skyring Memorial Award.

A/ Prof James Chong is a practising cardiologist at Westmead Hospital and senior lecturer at the University of Sydney. His clinical interests focus on coronary intervention whilst his research focuses on the potential use of stem cells to regenerate damaged heart muscle tissue.

Heart failure rates are increasing exponentially in Australia and worldwide, and one in two people die within a year of diagnosis. The burden of heart failure is underpinned by the heart’s limited capacity for self-repair.

Excitingly, we now have an ability to create new heart muscle in the laboratory using specific types of stem cells.

James’ research explores both the potential for transplanted stem cells to regenerate new heart tissue and as well as how to repair a patient’s heart by stimulating endogenous repair and regenerative mechanisms. 

There are a number of hurdles to overcome before these stem cells-based therapies are available in the clinic and James’ current project is looking to address each of these hurdles, including delivering these cells to the damaged heart tissue and assessing the safety needs to ensure the new heart muscle doesn't cause arrhythmias or tumours.  

James presented his research at this year’s ASMR NSW Annual Scientific Meeting. 

The Alan Skyring Memorial Award is in recognition of Dr Skyring’s significant contributions to health and medicine and the ASMR. The Award is presented annually to a mid-career investigator for the most outstanding presentation at the ASMR NSW Annual Scientific Meeting.

Congratulations James. 

Associate Professor James Chong is a Chief Investigator with Stem Cells Australia.