NSW Government backs biomedical research to tackle heart disease

04 June 2018
The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute applauds the announcement.
The NSW Government announced it will commit $150 million over the next 10 years to help researchers tackle cardiovascular disease – the leading cause of death and disability in Australia. 

Cardiovascular disease accounts for 15% of the total burden of disease in Australia, second only to cancers. More than 4.2 million Australians are affected by cardiovascular disease in some way.

In a huge win for the NSW community, the Cardiovascular Research Capacity Building Program is set to revolutionise research into treatment and prevention of heart disease and stroke.

With a focus on biomedical research and innovation, the NSW Government’s Program is expected to significantly boost employment opportunities in science and technology, attracting the best and brightest researchers and clinician scientists to the State.

The initiative will also support research grants aimed at enhancing fundamental discoveries and advancing applications for better treatments for patients with heart disease.

The funding announcement is being applauded by the State’s leading cardiovascular research institutes, the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and the Heart Research Institute. 

According to Professor Bob Graham, Executive Director of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, the scale of the problem demands a visionary, multi-disciplined solution involving researchers, clinicians, public health advocates and government.

“Urgent action is required to tackle this burgeoning epidemic of heart disease in NSW. Today the NSW Government has shown its commitment towards preventing this looming health crisis,” Professor Graham explained.

“Research into heart disease is needed now more than ever. What’s particularly visionary of the NSW Government is its strong show of support for biomedical research - the engine driver of discovery. More research is desperately needed to understand what can be done to save lives, and to protect future generations from becoming victims to heart disease,” Professor Graham added.

“This funding will go a long way in addressing this problem and the NSW Government should be applauded for its commitment to fundamental biomedical research and innovation.” 

Professor Bob Graham is a Chief Investigator with Stem Cells Australia. The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute has been a partner of Stem Cells Australia since 2011.

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