Professor Trevor Kilpatrick appointed Clinical Director at the Florey Institute

30 October 2018
Congratulations to Professor Trevor Kilpatrick.
Professor Trevor Kilpatrick has been appointed the role of Clinical Director at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

In a joint role with the University of Melbourne, Professor Kilpatrick will support the Director of the Florey Institute, Professor Steve Petrou, in refining and delivering the Institute’s strategic vision in clinical research. 

Professor Kilpatrick will build on successful partnerships with key hospitals including the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Austin Health and St Vincent’s Hospital to enhance global translational outcomes in neurology and psychiatry.

Professor Kilpatrick is an internationally recognized neuroscience researcher who is interested the neurobiology of Multiple Sclerosis, including the contributing genetic and environmental factors, as well as neural precursor cell biology. He is also involved with the translation of basic research discoveries to the clinic.

Professor Kilpatrick is a Chief Investigator within the Stem Cells Australia initiative and has collaborated with many Stem Cell Australia members. Together with Professor Perry Bartlett, Professor Kilpatrick has contributed to several significant advances in neuroscience research and led the original Stem Cells Australia 'Neural Regeneration and Repair’ research program. Professors Kilpatrick and Bartlett were the first to conclusively demonstrate that stem cells exist in the embryonic forebrain and that neurogenesis, or the creation of neurons, occurs within the adult mammalian brain

Recently, Professor Kilpatrick and Stem Cells Australia colleague Dr Tobias Merson authored a paper in the high-impact journal Nature Communications, which demonstrated for the first time that electrical activity within axons provides a precise cue for determining which neurons in the central nervous system are to be myelinated.  

Congratulations to Professor Trevor Kilpatrick.