Researcher Perry Bartlett finalist for the Senior Australian of the Year

30 January 2017
Finalist in 2017 Australian of the Year awards
Stem Cells Australia researcher, Professor Perry Bartlett, was last week named as a finalist in the 2017 Senior Australian of the Year. We congratulate Professor Bartlett on this honour.

Founder of the Queensland Brain Institute, Professor Bartlett was the first person to show that the brain, contrary to common belief at the time, continues to form neurons throughout adult life.

His ground-breaking work on neural stem cells ignited the search for similar stem cells within many other adult tissues. Arguably, after the stem cells of the blood, neural stem cells may now be the most well characterised adult stem cell.  

Perry’s research has also contributed greatly to our understanding of what can encourage or discourage the brain from generating new neurons. Leader of the Neural Theme within Stem Cells Australia, his work has focussed around how to modulate the brains own repair mechanisms to treat disease.

Perry Bartlett is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science (FAA), a past NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow and ARC Federation Fellow and a past President of the Australian Neuroscience Society.

The focus of this work is currently on the treatment of dementia.