Stem Cells Australia 2015 Annual Report now available

28 April 2016
Want to know more about us - download our 2015 Annual Report Members of the Stem Cells Australia consortium continue to make a substantial contribution to stem cell science.  Click Here  to download our latest Annual Report.

Highlights include:-

  • In 2015 Stem Cells Australia passed the halfway mark in its term as an ARC Special Research Initiative. The year began with a resounding endorsement of our efforts from the ARC Interim Review of Stem Cells Australia, and a renewal of our funding through 2018.
  • The ISSCR meeting is the premier annual event in the field, and the Society’s decision to come to Melbourne is a great endorsement of the quality and international profile of science here. The combined SCA Retreat/ASSCR annual meeting events over the past two years have helped to unite our research community, and undoubtedly contributed to the success of the bid.
  • Melissa Little’s study in Nature describing kidney organogenesis in a dish was a stunning example of self-organising morphogenesis in vitro.
  • Richard Harvey and his co-workers described a signalling pathway that can trigger cardiomyocyte proliferation and heart regeneration in Nature Cell Biology.
  • Dhanisha Jhaveri, Perry Bartlett and their colleagues discovered that there are two classes of stem cell in the adult hippocampus (reported in the Journal of Neuroscience), opening up the way for novel insights into the physiological significance of adult neurogenesis in memory and learning.
  • Christine Wells and Ernst Wolvetang contributed to a large RIKEN consortium study published in Science that uncovered new pathways of gene regulation in mammalian cells.
  • SCA was successful in a solicited bid to Bioplatforms Australia (BPA) to develop a stem cell database.

Please download our 2015 Annual Report for more information.