Stem Cells Australia holds inaugural scientific retreat

29 April 2012
James Godwin and Rhys Skelton at the 2012 Retreat Held in April, the 2012 Retreat provided an opportunity for researchers, students and invited guests to meet and discuss scientific progress. A key feature of this year's meeting was hearing from our junior postdoctoral  researchers and postgraduate students.

The program highlighted achievements made in each of our four key research fields as well as an opportunity to hear from bioinformatics platform providers -Stemformatics - and the UQ stem cell laboratory - StemCore.

The following is a summary of the program:

Welcome & Introduction

Martin Pera, Megan Munsie, Leanne McDonald

Session 1: Pluripotency & Reprogramming

Convener: Martin Pera (UoM)

Justin Cooper-White (AIBN, UQ) Deciphering microenvironmental control of pluripotent stem cell fate using integrated microfluidic device platforms

Carmel O’Brien (CSIRO) New monoclonal antibodies to characterize human pluripotent stem cells

Alexandra Harvey (UoM) Culture induced changes in embryonic stem cell metabolism

Andrew Prowse (AIBN, UQ) Oxygen, mitochondria and extracellular matrices: combining novel technologies and conditions for defined culture of hESC

Panel Discussion: IPS Technology – State of the Art

Convener: Ernst Wolvetang (AIBN, UQ)

Panel members: Mirella Dottori (UoM), Andrew Laslett (CSIRO), Melissa Little (IMB, UQ) and Martin Pera (UoM)

Session 2: Neural Regeneration & Repair

Convener: Perry Bartlett (QBI, UQ)

Perry Bartlett (QBI, UQ) A brief overview

Tiziano Barberi (ARMI, Monash) Making an eye in a dish: generation of retinal cells from human pluripotent stem cells

Mirella Dottori (UoM) Directing neural progenitor fate from human pluripotent stem cells

Toby Merson (FNI) Assessing the relative contribution of distinct neural progenitor subtypes to central nervous system remyelination

Dhanisha Jhaveri (QBI, UQ) Defining the function of two discrete precursor cell populations in the adult hippocampus: Potential for the treatment of cognitive and mood disorders

Session 3: Haematopoiesis

Convener: Samir Taoudi (WEHI)

Susie Nilsson (CSIRO) The identification, isolation and characterisation of bone marrow scavenging endothelial cells

Andrew Elefanty (MISCL, Monash) Making HSCs in vitro - how bloody likely?

Flavia Marturana (AIBN, UQ) Theraphils, neutrophils manufactured from blood stem cells

Kathy Potts (WEHI) Exploring an embryonic interlineage communication model of haematopoietic development   

Platform session:

StemCore Victoria Turner (AIBN, UQ)

Stemformatics  Rowland Mosbergen & Christine Wells (AIBN, UQ)

Session 4: Cardiac Regeneration & Repair

Convener: Nadia Rosenthal (ARMI, Monash)

Richard Harvey (VCCRI) Adult cardiac resident MSC-like stem cells - towards an integrated model of heart repair

Robert Nordon (UNSW) Mapping and modelling lineage development from continuous single cell observations

Rhys Skelton (MISCL, Monash) VCAM1 and SIRPA: Putative cell surface markers of human cardiomyocytes

James Godwin (ARMI, Monash) Adult salamander regeneration is immunologically regulated

Invited speaker presentation:

Andras Nagy (Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Toronto) Project Grandiose

Panel Discussion: Pluripotent stem cells differentiation – State of the Art

Convener: Andrew Elefanty (MISCL, Monash)

Panel members: Tiziano Barberi (ARMI, Monash), David Elliott (MISCL, Monash) and Ed Stanley (MISCL, Monash)

Clinical & Translational Challenges – State of the Art

Robert Graham (VCCRI)