Stem Cells Australia researchers awarded NHMRC 2012 Project Grants

19 October 2012
Congratulations to all Australian researchers who were awarded 2012 NHMRC Project Grants today, especially our Stem Cells Australia members including the Chair of our Governance Committee:

Dr Minna-Liisa Anko, Monash University
Prof Perry Bartlett, The University of Queensland
Dr James Bourne, Monash University
Prof Andrew Elefanty, Monash University
Prof David de Kretser, Monash University
Prof David Gardner, The University of Melbourne
Prof Doug Hilton, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Doctor Dhanisha Jhaveri, The University of Queensland
Prof Melissa Little, The University of Queensland
Dr Keith McLean, CSIRO
Dr Clare Parish, The University of Melbourne
Dr Alice Pebay, The University of Melbourne
Dr Jose Polo, Monash University
Prof Ed Stanley, Monash University
A/Prof Ann Turnley, The University of Melbourne
Dr Lachlan Thompson, The University of Melbourne
A/Prof Christine Wells, The University of Queensland
A/Prof Ernst Wolvetang, The University of Queensland


[SCA members highlighted in bold]




CIA - Professor Melissa Little

CIB - Doctor Matthew Wilson

Reprogramming to generate new nephron progenitors [APP1041275]

The University of Queensland


CIA - Professor Melissa Little

CIB - Professor Antonius Rabelink

Kidney mesenchymal stem cells in tubular development, repair and turnover [APP1041276]

The University of Queensland


CIA - Professor Melissa Little

CIB - Associate Professor Ernst Wolvetang

CIC - Professor Justin Cooper-White

Directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells to kidney progenitors [APP1041277]

The University of Queensland


CIA - Doctor Ryan Taft

CIB - Associate Professor Ernst Wolvetang

CIC - Doctor Guy Barry

CID - Professor Merlin Butler

Investigation of processed snoRNAs as cryptic regulators of the imprinted Prader-Willi syndrome locus [APP1043023]

The University of Queensland


CIA - Professor Mark Walker

CIB - Professor Victor Nizet

CIC - Associate Professor Christine Wells

Interaction of group A streptococci with intracellular innate immune defence [APP1041294]

The University of Queensland


CIA - Professor Perry Bartlett

CIB - Doctor Dhanisha Jhaveri

Defining the function of two discrete precursor cell populations in the adult hippocampus: Potential for the treatment of cognitive and mood disorders [APP1050019]

The University of Queensland


CIA - Doctor Lachlan Thompson

CIB - Doctor Clare Parish

Selective isolation and in vivo properties of dopamine neurons generated from embryonic stem cells [APP1042585]

University of Melbourne


CIA - Associate Professor Ann Turnley

Enhancement of newborn neuron survival to promote repair following adult brain injury [APP1045125]

University of Melbourne


CIA - Associate Professor Mary Wlodek

CIB - Professor David Gardner

Intergenerational transmission of gender-specific metabolic disease for offspring born small: maternal, paternal and embryonic roles [APP1045602]

University of Melbourne


CIA - Doctor James Bourne

CIB - Doctor David Leopold

CIC - Professor Gary Egan

A role for the pulvinar nucleus in visual cortical development and plasticity [APP1042893]

Monash University


CIA - Doctor Minna-Liisa Anko

Alternative splicing- a regulatory mechanism determining self-renewal and pluripotency of ES and iPS cells [APP1043092]

Monash University


CIA - Professor Moira O'Bryan

CIB - Professor Robert McLachlan

CIC - Professor David de Kretser

Leucine-rich guanylate kinase is a regulator of sperm tail development and motile cilia function [APP1041949]

Monash University


CIA - Professor David de Kretser

CIB - Doctor Karen Dwyer

CIC - Associate Professor Thomas Kotsimbos

CID - Professor Greg Snell

CIE - Associate Professor Mark Hedger

Activin A and follistatin are potential key regulators of organ transplant dysfunction and graft survival [APP1048094]

Monash University


CIA - Doctor Jose Polo

Determining how the germ layer of origin of adult somatic cells influences the differentiation potential of iPS cells [APP1051117]

Monash University


CIA - Doctor Jose Polo

Does nuclear reprogramming of granulocytes induce reversal of the hematopoiesis pathway [APP1051309]

Monash University


CIA - Professor Andrew Elefanty

CIB - Professor Edouard Stanley

Endothelial development from pluripotent stem cells as a means to study pathology in Pulmonary Artery Hypertension [APP1051339]

Monash University


CIA - Associate Professor Martin Lackmann

CIB - Professor Andrew Elefanty

Inhibiting tumour growth by targeting EphA3 and disrupting tumour stromal and vascular microenvironment [APP1049942]

Monash University


CIA - Professor Douglas Hilton

CIB - Doctor Marthe D'Ombrain

Molecular regulation of eosinophil production: a basis for intervention in inflammatory disease [APP1048087]

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research


CIA - Professor Hong Zhang

CIB - Professor Gregory Dusting

CIC - Doctor Hsin-Hui Shen 

CID - Doctor Keith McLean

CIE - Doctor James Bourne

Nanoparticle-based anti-VEGF treatment for Ocular Neovascularization [APP1047603]

Centre for Eye Research Australia Ltd


CIA - Professor Martin Delatycki 
CIB - Doctor Marguerite Evans-Galea 
CIC - Professor Beverly Davidson
CID - Doctor Alice Pebay

Developing bone marrow transplant and novel therapeutic vectors to treat Friedreich ataxia [APP1048795]

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute