Work experience student contributes to studies in stem cell science

16 March 2015
Jeremy and Claire in the lab

Enterprising Year 12 student, Jeremy Katanas, from Buckley Park College in Essendon spent three weeks in The University of Melbourne laboratories of Stem Cells Australia over the summer holidays. 

During this time, Jeremy worked closely with Research Assistant Claire Cuddy where he learnt how to grow a cell line, and then collect special proteins - called antibodies- that this particular cell line can make.

Jeremy commented that, “My work experience position at Stem Cells Australia was nothing short of incredible. When compared to high school biology experiments, being able to apply my knowledge in such an advanced laboratory was a tremendous opportunity. Everything I did was completely new to me, which provided me with a valuable and at times challenging learning experience.”

The antibodies that Jeremy extracted will be used by Claire and overseas collaborators in a large-scale experiment to examine how a particular protein found in stem cells acts to promote the stem cell features we observe such as the ability for continued self-replication.

Now back at school Jeremy said, “The skills I learned during my time at Stem Cells Australia have been useful for high school experiments and I’m sure will be beneficial for university. I am very grateful for this opportunity and appreciate the effort that the staff demonstrated to ensure I enjoyed my time at Stem Cells Australia.”

Jeremy hopes to study neuroscience when he finishes school.  We wish him every success in his studies!