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  • PRESS RELEASE: New research aids understanding of how genes are regulated
    22 August 2017
    Published in Nature Biotechnology today, findings from an international consortium of scientists has produced an interactive map that displays where microRNAs are expressed and how they might work within the body.
  • PRESS RELEASE: New leadership appointments to Stem Cells Australia initiative
    30 January 2017
    Professor Melissa Little has been named the new head of the Stem Cells Australia initiative. Professor Little is based at the Department of Pediatrics, University of Melbourne and the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and brings a wealth of experience to the role, with a strong vision for the future of Australian science in this important area of medical research. Professor Christine Wells, Director of the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Stem Cell Systems will be joining Professor Little as Deputy Program Leader of Stem Cells Australia.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Call for regulatory change to curb unethical, exploitative and potentially hazardous practices
    07 October 2016
    Australian clinics and businesses continue to offer unproven, costly, and potentially hazardous medical treatments that claim to use stem cells.  There is an urgent need for more stringent regulatory oversight to protect the Australian public and overseas visitors from harm, and to ensure genuine efforts to translate promising stem cell research into clinical benefit are not stymied.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Professor Richard Harvey Elected Fellow of Royal Society
    05 May 2016
    Leading Australian developmental biologist and SCA member Professor Richard Harvey this week joins scientific luminaries such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Howard Florey and Stephen Hawking as a Fellow of the Royal Society, the oldest continuously operating academy of science in the world.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Experts warn more testing needed before stem cells can be used to make sperm and eggs
    19 November 2015
    While significant progress has been made in the creation of human sperm and eggs from stem cells, we are still some years away from the treatment being approved as safe and reliable, according to speakers at the ‘Hype, hope or reality - can we make eggs or sperm from stem cells?’ public lecture.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Melbourne To Host Major International Stem Cell Meeting
    12 November 2015
    The International Society for Stem Cell Research has announced that their 2018 Annual Meeting will be held in Melbourne and is expected to draw approximately 3,000 stem cell researchers and professionals from around the globe.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Realising high hopes for the new wave of medicine
    16 September 2015
    Regenerative medicine represents a new paradigm in healthcare, but with mini kidneys being grown in labs and titanium body parts being created with 3D printers, how close are we really to accessing 'made to order' body parts or combatting cancers in a significant way in Australia?
  • PRESS RELEASE: Selling stem cells: a need to reconcile hype, hope and evidence
    09 September 2015
    A public forum at the Melbourne Brain Centre will focus on community expectations in stem cell science, with a Monash academic and international expert leading the discussions.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Call for urgent action to curb sale of unproven stem cell treatments in Australia
    03 March 2015
    A growing number of clinics are offering unproven, costly, and potentially hazardous stem cell therapies in Australia. There is an urgent need for more stringent oversight to protect patients against risks, and to bring Australian regulations into alignment with other jurisdictions and the recommendations of leading international learned scientific and research organisations.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Unraveling the biological mystery of how cells regulate their fate
    13 February 2015
    Stem Cells Australia researchers – Professor Christine Wells and Professor Ernst Wolvetang – are part of an international consortium that has been able to shed light on how mammalian cells transition from one type to another during development and in response to stress or infection. In the work, published today in the prestigious journal Science, researchers were able to show the importance of a key regulatory “switch” involved in triggering a cascade of genetic changes that ultimately result in dramatic change in the attributes of the cell.
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