Our Research

Stem Cells Australia was established in 2011 to discover how to regulate stem cells. The initiative is now poised to harness the immense potential of stem cells for new diagnostic, therapeutic and biotechnological applications. 

Stem Cells Australia is leading stem cell science in understanding the fundamental mechanisms involved in stem cell regulation and differentiation in the following areas: 

Pluripotency &
Cardiac Regeneration
& Repair
Neural Regeneration
& Repair
Our researchers have contributed to major advances in the field and are ready to apply this powerful knowledge as we move into a new era for stem cells – delivering medical benefits. Read more about the future direction of Stem Cells Australia. 

As the initiative continues to lead Australia in stem cell research, it is influencing policy and regulation in this area through a dedicated Education, Engagement and Policy framework. Stem Cells Australia also views public engagement and research into related ethical, societal and policy considerations as an essential component of the initiative. 

The research conducted with Stem Cells Australia is funded through a Australian Research Council Special Research Initiative which provides funding for new and emerging fields of research and builds capacity in strategically important areas.