Education, Ethics, Law & Community Awareness

Stem cell science is a field that attracts considerable public interest and expectation. This is due to the promise and the complexity of the science, as well as the community’s concern about the potential impact of new discoveries on society. 
Researchers involved in the Unit have interviewed Australians who have sought experimental treatments
The Education, Ethics, Law and Community Awareness Unit has been established to promote achievements in the field - both by scientific members of the Stem Cells Australia initiative and other Australian stem cell scientists - to ensure that Australians understand the impact of scientific breakthroughs in this fast-paced and fascinating field. 

Led by A/Prof Megan Munsie, the Unit will engage with healthcare professionals, patients, teachers, students and interested community groups to facilitate well informed and robust public debates on policy, health and ethical issues associated with the use of stem in the clinic and the laboratory. 

The Unit will also foster multi-disciplinary research into issues associated with stem cell science through collaborations with national and international experts in law, ethics, sociology, public policy and education. Findings from such research provide the foundation for the Unit’s educational material and communication strategies.

A current research project, High hopes, high risks? A sociological study of stem cell tourism, aims to explore the socio-cultural dynamics of stem cell tourism, particularly the factors shaping Australians‘ views and expectations of stem cell treatments offered abroad, and is collaboration between Monash University, Stem Cells Australia and the Centre for Biomedicine and Society, Brunel University, London.