Congratulations to SCA researchers on NHMRC 2013 Project Grant success

28 October 2013
On 23 October, the Prime Minister, the Hon Tony Abbott MP, together with the Minister of Health, the Hon Peter Dutton MP, announced the the outcomes for the 2013 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grant schemes. 

In the highly competitive Project funding scheme, where only 16.9% of applicants were funded, Stem Cells Australia members were awarded over $11M. WEHI's Professor Warren Alexander also received a NHMRC Research Fellowship. The successful projects involving our members included:

Studies of Cullin 5 deficiency for novel insights into SOCS redundancy and specificity

Researchers: Warren Alexander & Jeffrey Babon [Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research]

Growth hormone ameliorates ageing dementia

Researchers: Perry Bartlett & Daniel Blackmore [Queensland Brain Institue, University of Queensland]

Neuronal hyperactivity and neurotrophic factors in motor neuron disease
Researchers: Mark Bellingham [University of Queensland], Peter Noakes [University of Queensland] & Ann Turnley [University of Melbourne

Probing the potential for the brain to self-repair following an ischemic stroke
Researchers: James Bourne [ARMI, Monash University], Tobias Merson [Florey] & Kaylene Young [University of Tasmania]

Cartilage Defect Repair
Researchers: Justin Cooper-White [AIBN, University of Queensland] & Michael Doran [Queensland University of Technology]

Generating adult blood cells from human embryonic stem cells
Researchers: Andrew Elefanty and Ed Stanley [Murdoch Childrens Research Institute]

Investigating factors that lead to Multiple Sclerosis
Researchers: Judith Field [Florey], Helmut Butzkueven [University of Melbourne], David Booth [Westmead Millennium Institute], Trevor Kilpatrick [Florey & University of Melbourne]

A genome-wide view of congenital heart diseases: a step towards personalised diagnosis and treatment
Researchers: Richard HarveyMirana Ramialison [Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute]

Defining cellular signalling pathways essential for germline function and fertility
Researcher: Robin Hobbs [ARMI Monash]

Advancing regenerative medicine by epigenetic engineering of human induced pluripotent stem cells
Researchers: Ryan Lister [University of Western Australia], Jose Polo [ARMI Monash University], Killugudi Swaminatha-Iyer [University of Western Australia] & Pilar Blancafort [University of Western Australia]

Building a better kidney
Researchers: Melissa Little [IMB, University of Queensland], Nicholas Hamilton [IMB, University of Queensland], Andrew McMahon [University of Southern California] & Raphael Kopan [Washington University]

Prevention of axonal pathology in early Multiple Sclerosis
Researchers: Toby Merson & Trevor Kilpatrick [Florey & University of Melbourne]

Understanding AMD pathogenesis using human induced pluripotent stem cells
Researchers: Alice Pebay [CERA & University of Melbourne], Robyn Guymer  [CERA & University of Melbourne] and Martin Pera [University of Melbourne, Florey & Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research]

Functional decline of intestinal stem cells during aging
Researchers: Jose Polo [ARMI Monash] & Helen Abud [Monash]

Understanding the association between congenital heart disease and cardiac stress
Researchers: Nadia Rosenthal & Mauro Costa [ARMI, Monash University]

Inhibitory receptors in the amygdala
Researchers: Pankaj Sah & Joe Lynch [QBI, University of Queensland]

Neurogenesis in the amygdala and hippocampus
Researchers: Pankaj Sah & Perry Bartlett [QBI, University of Queensland]

Making Insulin producing cells for diabetes researc
Researchers: Ed Stanley & Andrew Elefanty [Murdoch Childrens Research Institute]

Mincle has a dual role in tissue loss and inflammation after ischemic injury
Researchers: Christine Wells [AIBN, University of Queensland], Thiruma Arumugam [National University of Singapore], Nadia Rosenthal [ARMI, Monash University]

Understanding Alzheimer's disease using Down syndrome as a model
Researchers: Ernst Wolvetang & Christine Wells [AIBN, University of Queensland
A new strategy for treating demyelinating diseases Junhua Xiao [Florey & University of Melbourne], Simon Murray [University of Melbourne], Richard Hughes [University of Melbourne], Trevor Kilpatrick [Florey & University of Melbourne], Suzanne Hodgkinson [University of NSW]
For a full listing of awarded NHMRC grants visit NHMRC - Outcomes of funding rounds.