Help for Australians to find out more about stem cells

19 September 2013
New resource now available
With so much discussion about stem cells and their potential benefits, it is often difficult to determine if stem cells can really help you, your friend or family member. 

This Handbook has been developed by the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia, in conjunction with Stem Cells Australia

to help in the quest for information. 

The Handbook discusses the basics about stem cells and what makes stem cells so special; how they are currently used in research and in the clinic, as well as raising concerns about unproven stem cell treatments that are currently being offered in Australia and overseas. 

There is also information about clinical trials, a helpful checklist of questions that you should ask providers of any stem cell treatment, and a guide on how to determine if a proposed stem cell treatment is an accepted medical practice or should be considered an experimental or unproven therapy.

While the Handbook is designed to assist in gathering accurate information about stem cells and what stem cell treatments are actually available, it also urges anyone contemplating stem cell treatments to seek independent advice from their doctor before undertaking any unproven treatment.

Click here for a copy of The Australian Stem Cell Handbook.